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Stephen Petullo

My views on these subjects are based on my objective research and experience with past life regression, meditation, tarot, hypnosis, intuitive readings, and related metaphysical subjects since the early 1980s. My approach to metaphysics tends to be more practical and realistic. I do not automatically accept or reject a concept until I've experienced it for myself. I am knowledgeable in the areas of reincarnation, karma, free will, predetermination, Reiki, hypnosis, subliminal persuasion, meditation, tarot, metaphysical counseling, and related subjects. These subjects are my career, hobby, and passion. I've have been doing intuitive readings professionally since 1996.If you would like a private consultation, please visit me here: Sign up for my free report and column:

†CHRISTIAN Intuitive†

CHRISTIAN INTUITIVE READING. This reading is done with the † Holy Bible for Christians and all others interested in Christian teachings and/or to become a Christian. Questions are intuitively and spiritually answered most times through Scripture. Biblical passage(s) may be presented, based on your questions, and information thus brought forth by Spirit. Prayers may also be included! QUESTIONS ON THE AFTERLIFE is another choice offered. Please select one or the other.) RELATIONSHIP/LOVE/MARRIAGE/PREGNANCY QUESTIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. No "General" Readings. No Last Names Please. Include A Specific *Spiritual* Area Of Concentration. Please do not ask questions about or include personal information concerning other people. No Questions Taken Concerning "Spirit Guides" or for Angel Readings. You must be at least 21 years of age and over in order to obtain a reading.


Please Also Read Carefully the Instructions and Disclaimers When You Sign-Up For A Reading To Also Include the Type of Readings I Do Not Do. One follow-up question having to do with your reading is alright. You Should Wait At Least Several .....


Hello :) I answer only ONE free question briefly with my Gipsy cards :) so do word your question as intelligent as possible :) To connect to your energies, I will need your First Name & Birth year, and any others involved in your question. Visit my website kindly don't contact me at my website asking for free readings, I only volunteer here :)


I ask you kindly to AVOID SETTING YOUR SESSION TO PRIVATE MODE. If you wish private session with me you are welcome to purchase one. I ask you kindly to NOT USE MY FREE SERVICE HERE MORE THAN ONE TIME and if you liked the first time to purchase the second one. I will need yours and any one else your asking about names and birth dates (complete birth dates with naming the month of birth : for example not 5 but May , not 1 but January and so on) please note that Missing Details, Private mode setting and Fertility questions WILL BE DELIVERED TO THE PUBLIC BOARD WHERE OTHER EXPERTS MIGHT ANSWER THEM If you are asking fertility questions, please provide both names and birth dates of the parents and donate 10 US Dollars to support my volunteering time here. I figured out if you can afford having a baby surely you can afford this very small donation to support my volunteering here. Minors meaning under the age of 20 please avoid using this service , you are still very young enjoy the unknown and allow universe to surprise you for the better there will come the time to worry .....

Shariananda,Oracle (OSGHT)

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There are no accidents and few coincidences. You can mail a check or money order to me at 257 Bellevue Road East, Box 122 Atwater,CA 95301 USA If you have found me, then I know you have come here through Guidance and with Purpose. That is the nature of spiritual Truth. Forces and streams of thought and energy have directed you. There is Providence. So what are you seeking? What do you need to know? Is it Knowledge, Direction, the Answer to Questions, Love? Assurance, Healing, Work? God? Spiritual Confirmation? Whatever it is, you can get personal counseling that brings clarity. ​ So use this site and my web site Enjoy the discovery; if you are new—you are in for some precious instruction, new approaches, and an uncommon professionalism. If this is a follow-up after a little absence, then accept my welcome back. Let the rediscovery begin. Sign up for an in-office consultation or an online reading and/or healing. Prices vary so call for phone advising at +45 50563717. I am a world class spiritual counselor and no matter what you ask, there is a spiritual question to be answered and a spiritual matter to .....


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returns 09/22/2015
I am a Psychic Medium Certified by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums and by Doreen Virtue. I am not a Fortune Teller so please if you have a legitimate question I will help you find clarity by seeing/feeling/hearing the situation and can convey this information back to you so that you are able to make clear decisions. Relationship, career, relocation, spiritual path, spirit guides, animal totems, dreams, soul loss, messages from loved ones crossed over; I am able to pick up on the people around a situation also and feel the emotions attached to the situation. I am direct and to the point and I will not sugar-coat my replies to you. I can be reached for private email readings at

Psychic Thalia

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returns 09/15/2015
I can answer most question on love, money, career, spirituality, and family. I can give you time frames, first names or initials, and help locate lost items. I can NOT, however, tell you lucky numbers, give dream interpretations or anything of that nature - yet. ;) And if you like your reading, please, purchase your next one here ;)

Faith in Cards

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returns 09/28/2015
Name, Date of Birth ( FULL DATE OF BIRTH) and Sex are REQUIRED to get an answer. If you don't comply you go to the question pool. If I have read you before, you will be rejected. I AM THE REAL DEAL With 10 years of reading online, I have mastered channeling your energy to me to give you an accurate and exciting reading. I still have the SAME clients I had when I first began so what does that tell you? This is just a mere sample of my abilities here at all experts. A preview of how good my readings are.

Genna Annie Lopez

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returns 08/30/2015
I can answer all life questions and concerns. Family, spirituality, love and romance, And so on. There is no question, I can not answer you.

Eclipse AKA Devilvamp

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returns 08/31/2015
Please email me the following: Your name Date of Birth Place of Birth Time of Birth (if known - do not guess) For FREE I will give you a message that comes forth for you - I will not be answering any questions unless the universal energies tell me to. If you have a specific question you can go to the publication area here on my profile and purchase for an indepth reading or you can donate. I am no longer accepting ratings for the reason that I do not need to be rated for giving guidance thru my free will as of 2/5/2014 Average Ratings Knowledgeability 9.94 Clarity of Response 9.91 Politeness 9.98Response Time(hr) 12.5 Response Time(hr, last 90 days) Total Questions (since joining AllExperts) 469 Volunteer Since 2012-09-19 Prestige Points 7010


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Please check out and like my FB page dedicated strictly to the angels: Follow my blog at Isis is a Psychic-Medium whose abilities include clairvoyance, claircognizance and precognition. She is empathetic as well. --Some Helpful Tips--: Please keep your mind free and clear when coming for a reading with Isis. Please don't hold an attachment for an expected outcome/timeframes. **NO Questions accepted from MINORS{Under 21 y/o}It will be automatically rejected!** **Please give your date of birth(MM/DD/YY)-any question without it,will be rejected,automatically.** **Also give your real name/age and not give out false info-trying to test me because it only serves to give a reading that is false and it's truly a waste of time and energy.** **NO GENERAL QUESTIONS/READINGS-SPECIFIC QUESTIONS ONLY** **Due to the many requests for mini-readings, Isis can't accept requests from repeat questioners anymore. This allows her to help others who never had a reading with her before. So it goes like this 1 question/topic per person. At that point, if you wish further assistance, kindly visit Isis's website. Please respect this, thank so much! Isis does not answer legal, medical, paternity( as these type of queries are best .....

Sunhee Park

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Hi and welcome! I am a psychic, medium, channeler and energy healer. I love to answer questions about career, finance, relationships, court cases, medical intuition, physical and emotional health. Once I receive your name, birthdate and your question, I will be happy to help you. If you want to know about crossed over people, please send a photo along with their name and birthdate. I do offer a one question email reading at for follow ups, range from $20.00 to $25.00 via phone or email. You can also email me at for a reading appointment. Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day!

Chinhee Park

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I am clairvoyant, an empath, and a medium. I can answer all questions. The only questions I prefer not to answer are when someone asks me when they or someone is going to die.

Le Vans

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Hi, my name is Le Vans and I would like to Thank You for selecting my name as your source. I can answer your any one question relating to career, relationship, addiction, past lives, intuitive assistance, and messages from loved ones that have crossed over. My tools will range from tarot decks, numerology, crystal rocks, colored candles and some aromatherapy suggestions for healing purposes. I enjoy doing what I do and sending messages of healing to clients is my gratification. By providing your name, birthdate, and favorite color, you may send your question via email, chat, or text. Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful day!

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2015-08-26 Job:

well I am sorry to hear that I know how hard it is to get a job these days when economic fall apart however the tarot suggested what you need is to consider maybe looking for a job other places than your

2015-08-26 it feels like he could be the one:

no do not make such a move maybe he should come your way first because its not sure he is single is not sure he is able to offer you serious commitment and its not sure his family will aprove this relationship

2015-08-26 job hunt:

the private sector will be better for you and you have chances finding jobs there more than with the gov also its good if you consider look for a job in different places not only close to your home as

2015-08-25 Ex-boyfriend coming back?:

numerology wise you are glued to each other although I would never recommend any of you to get there it seem you did and according to his numerology he is the kind of person that remembers for ever and

2015-08-23 please am expecting a financial breakthrough...:

Dear Mr Chimaobi Ezubem I have bitter sweet news for you. first of all as for the money you have invested or given I am not sure you are going to gain much profits from it as the tarot suggested you might

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