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Paul Edward Zukowski

My area of interest is in personality and abnormal psychology. In addition to basic personality and abnormal psychology, I am fascinated with sexual and gender identity disorders.

Katherine ONeill

I can answer academic questions about psychology. I am not a clinician (therapist), I am a research psychologist with expertise in biopsychology, general psychology, cognitive psychology, research methods and psychopharmacology.

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2016-09-17 Human behavior:

Hi,  Humans have all kinds of preferences in who we are attracted too.  In general female exhibitionists in humans. They have fancy clothing, hair and makeup to show off that they healthy and able to reproduce

2016-08-22 I am currently a junior in high school taking an AP Psych class and i need to interview someone in the psychology field as soon as possible:

I have a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology, with a specialization in Biopsychology.  I currently teach at a state university.  I am not in a private practice.  I do some consulting for pharmaceutical companies

2016-07-31 Steroid Psychosis:

Based on the symptoms that you describe, you did not have steroid psychosis.  I don't know why you were given that diagnosis.  The side effects you had are more commonly seen with ingestion of steroids

2016-07-30 Steroid Psychosis:

Steroid psychosis is the development of psychotic symptoms in people who have been given high doses of steroids (corticosteroids) - usually 40 mg or more per day.  There is some disagreement about how

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