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Paul Edward Zukowski

My area of interest is in personality and abnormal psychology. In addition to basic personality and abnormal psychology, I am fascinated with sexual and gender identity disorders.

Katherine ONeill

I can answer academic questions about psychology. I am not a clinician (therapist), I am a research psychologist with expertise in biopsychology, general psychology, cognitive psychology, research methods and psychopharmacology.

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2017-02-07 Query re modern phenomenon:

The Kikikomori and MGTOW seem to me to be evolving from different positions and etiologies.  The Kikikomori appears to be a response to a high pressure conformist society which places extraordinary pressures

2016-12-22 Dissociative Identity Disorder:

Hi Jewel,    >1. How have the numbers of people being diagnosed with this disorder changed over the years?    This what the DSM is

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