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Katherine ONeill

I can answer academic questions about psychology. I am not a clinician (therapist), I am a research psychologist with expertise in biopsychology, general psychology, cognitive psychology, research methods and psychopharmacology.

Paul Edward Zukowski

My area of interest is in personality and abnormal psychology. In addition to basic personality and abnormal psychology, I am fascinated with sexual and gender identity disorders.

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2017-03-18 LSD lasting effects:

Amy - I am not a therapist, so I can only answer this from academic knowledge.  First, I am not sure what you are asking at the end of the letter - Do I inform his psychiatrist?  - about what?  your history?

2017-03-07 Psychology:

You should be able to get good idea of how structure from what in books I recommended. You also may want to visit a academic library (colleges mostly or some big public library) the access to PsycNet.

2017-03-01 Psychology:

Hi John,  Where to start is with this book  Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye  By Rudolf Arnheim    Art, Perception, and Reality  By E. H. Gombrich, Julian Hochberg, Max Black

2017-02-07 Query re modern phenomenon:

The Kikikomori and MGTOW seem to me to be evolving from different positions and etiologies.  The Kikikomori appears to be a response to a high pressure conformist society which places extraordinary pressures

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