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Doug Staneart

Doug Staneart has over ten years experience in and can answer questions dealing with overcoming nervousness or anxiety associated with public speaking, how to become a more polished and confident speaker, how to write and organize a speech, or how to deliver effective sales presentations.

Cecile McMurray

I can answer any question given to me on Parliamentary Procedures, meeting management, speaking, etc.

Ruth Levitsky

How to create an effective presentation How to get yourself together to give an effective presentation

Jim Arthur Peterson

Jim has over 15 year's experience on speechwriting. As public speaking coach he created 10,000+ ideas for speech topics at

Tamara Hartley

What dreams or ideas have you put on the back burner? We all have dreams and things we would like to do in this lifetime. But so often we feel discouraged and our dreams seem so far out of our reach! We are so busy with our daily routines, out of control schedules, and commitments to others, that we donít have the time to focus on ourselves, let alone pursue a dream. Some of us are very clear about what we would like to do, but have no clue where to start! We feel as if we lack time, resources, education, the right connections! So, we canít even see how to get to the point where we are actually living our dream! Some of us have even stepped out on faith and started our own businesses only to find out that we lack the preparation and a solid foundation. We never developed a real plan or a blueprint to fully execute our dream. And now we are back at that job feeling stuck, trapped, and unfulfilled! And then there are those of us that donít even know what we are good at! We hear other people talk about their passion .....

Serena Greenslade

I can answer questions on how to overcome fear of speaking in public, how to sound more confident, how to slow down and how to be heard. My expertise is not in writing or preparing speeches. I have been running my own business for over 12 years -

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2017-01-25 Impromptu Speech + Effective Communicator and speaker:

Rekha,    This type of nervousness is very common, but your solution really depends on the cause of the nervousness.     As an overview, any fear comes from an increase risk of public failure, injury,

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