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Cathi Stevenson

I can answer questions about the layout, formatting and design of book covers. I can also offer information on the POD industry. I cannot give advice on a specific book cover and I do not critique book covers.

D. Patrick Miller

I am an independent self-publisher who sold three projects to major New York houses before starting my own company. I provide editorial services to a major literary agency in Manhattan and work regularly with authors at all levels of expertise. I can answer questions like these: What does "independent publishing" mean? Should I publish myself or use a service like XLibris? What is "print on demand" publishing? How do I publish myself on the Web? What are the best resources for learning about publishing? How do I find a literary agent? What are my chances of getting published by a major New York firm?

Brandon Flint

how to use social media for business. The downside of this approach is that when you drop the social component and go full-bore marketing, you’re defeating the purpose of social media. People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to; they want to have a conversation, and ultimately, call the shots.“Remember to stay true to the 70-20-10 rule: 70 percent of your Page’s content should be information that’s valuable and relevant to your fans; 20 percent should be content that comes from other people and 10 percent should be promotional.”

Richard Dean Starr


Experience in the area
Fiction in anthologies from Moonstone Books, Dark Horse Books, as well as stories in CEMETERY DANCE magazine and others. Non-fiction in STARLOG magazine, SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE, the TRIBUNE-GEORGIAN newspaper and more. I have published in excess of 200 articles, columns, and stories.

Organizations belong to
Former member, the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) and the Georgia Press Association.

I have written and published over 200 stories and articles including: "Unfinished Business" in HELLBOY: ODDER JOBS, edited by Christopher Golden (Darkhorse Books, 2004); "The Shadow That Shapes the Light" in KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER CHRONICLES (Moonstone Books, 2005); "Fear Itself", in the special Stephen King Halloween edition of CEMETERY DANCE magazine, (2005); also forthoming stories in: KOLCHAK: THE NIGHSTALKER CASE FILES (Moonstone Books, 2006); "Lessons Learned" in THE PHANTOM: ANTHOLOGY I (Moonstone Books, 2007), etc. Additional work published in a variety of magazines and newspapers, including STARLOG, SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE, the TRIBUNE-GEORGIAN, and many more

Bill Frank

I help authors become publishers. I'm a self-publishing consultant with resources in editing, graphic design, printing, distribution and marketing. I can help you turn your manuscript into a published book. I identify the best distribution channels for your book. I also help you build a marketing plan to sell the book. I specialize in non-fiction books and I take fiction books on a selective basis.

Rik Feeney

I can answer any questions from the development of an idea into a book manuscript, electronic book, PDF file, or Audio book. I design book covers, do interior design, and light book editing. My forte is creative ideas particularly as they relate to marketing and promoting your book.

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2017-01-29 printed material design:

Again, these are questions for a professional designer. Both answers depend on the exact nature of the text. There is much more to a print cover, including the spine and back cover, than an e-book, so

2017-01-24 printed material design:

Demetrius -- All of these questions should be answered by a professional designer, and if you are publishing independently, you should hire one. If you are using a POD service like CreateSpace, they offer

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