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Ashad Gupat

I can answer questions in the fields of Qigong, Kung Fu, Self Defense, Paranormal Phenomena

Sifu Richard Mieir-King

I will attempt to answer any questions you have on Tai Chi and Chi Kung/Qigong. I do not and will not profess or pretend to have all the answers - it would be egotistical to make such a claim. But where I have answers I will supply them to you, where I don't but have resources I will go to those resources or point you to them and where I have no answer I will also let you know that I have no answer. Some of my answers might also be contrary to what you "want" to hear, but I will give the answer that I have anyway in hopes that it will open needed doors for you. www.kingskungfu.com www.youtube.com/user/mieirking


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