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Questions relating to budgeting and planning software and other Enterprise Performance Management questions in general.

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2017-01-14 Working Capital:

Hi FA,     Since the capital deposited needs to be paid back to the bank, it is indeed a loan.   Set up a new chart of account, type = long term liability, name = bank name + last 4 digits of loan account

2016-12-17 Payment:

Hi FA,     1. How was the payment originally recorded?  What 2 chart of accounts were posted?     If no payment was entered, how did you reconcile the bank account?    2. If indeed the payment was made

2016-12-17 Payment:

If you have to repay to "company A" the $130,000 then you have a loan     1. Post the bill in accounts payable for $130,00 and code to the appropriate account     (inventory or COGS)     2. Setup new Chart

2016-12-01 Is this bookkeeper scamming me?:

Hi Chris,     I don't know if scamming is the right term, but certainly you are not receiving the level of   customer service you desire.     You will find many qualified QuickBooks bookkeepers that offer

2016-11-27 Loan Given:

Loan given:  Journal entry:  Debit Notes Receivable   Credit  - the checking account that provided the cash    Repayment :  If the loan terms include a rate for interest, each payment would be allocated

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