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Questions relating to budgeting and planning software and other Enterprise Performance Management questions in general.

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2016-09-15 Payroll Taxes:

Hi Nick    The short answer is yes.  However,  doing so might put you in a situation where you  will owe taxes on your year end 1040 return.      Payroll taxes are a calculation based on annual ESTIMATED

2016-09-11 How to pay the bill against 3 bills with specific amount I have?:

Hi Luck,     You would not change the way you are entering your payment to the vendor. Instead,   you need a report that will give you the balances owed to the vendor.    Accounting software usually comes

2016-09-03 selling business but keeping program:

Hi June,     Sorry for the delay in responding.   Most likely those invoices were entered in the memorized transaction list   List menu > memorized transaction list     You can delete them by click on

2016-08-09 Quickbooks 2016 - Invoices:

Maria,     QB Enterprise has an option when printing to uncheck a box labeled  "shade alternate table rows". (Found in the Print popup window)   When unchecked you do not get the  shading.  Unfortunately

2016-08-08 Invoices not printing lines:

Kathy,     Sorry for the delay in responding,  my notifications for   questions were going into my spam.     If you have not fixed the issue,  did you make sure that the   Blank paper radial button was

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