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Connie Hester

Quilting and applique expert.Can advise on the following topics:quilting, art quilts, quilt design and construction, machine and hand quilting, paper foundation piecing, machine piecing, hand piecing, raw edge applique, turned-edge applique and fiber art.

Audrey Zohner

I am an expert rag quilter. I have made over 100 rag quilts and would love to assist others with questions and methods. I don't know much about actual quilting like machine or hand quilting or applique. I am, however, the resident expert on rag quilting in my town. If you want to make a rag quilt, I am your woman.

Julie Silber

I can speak to the age, design, style, region, history, and value of antique quilts.

Susan Druding

Questions on all aspects of quilting are welcome: both art quilting and traditional. I have been involved with the textile arts for more than 30 years - history, technique, materials. Helping beginners as well as experienced quilters find quilting teachers and finding quilt resources on the Web is a specialty.

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2016-11-16 Size of quilt with batting:

This size batting alone is not the size of any standard twin through king sized mattresses. This size batting would be used together with another piece of batting to create the desired coverage size for

2016-09-12 Stencils:

You want to use something which will wash out easily. White chalk can be good. Yellow prismaolor or other soft colored pencils are my most frequent choice. Straight lines may be marked with narrow masking

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