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Martin Seymour

My experiance is mainly in Ic powered model boats scale and semi scale. size from 2ft to 7ft long using glow plug and petrol engines. But NOT multi boats. I have converted many chainsaw and strimmer engines for this purpose. also designed and built three sizes of model waterjets for model boats.

Rick G

With my 22+ years of Radio Control, I can answer any questions relating to Giant scale,Aerobatic and Jet Aircraft.This includes single & twin engines, turbines, radio gear setup,batteries,etc.

Ken Myers

I can answer beginning, advanced and expert questions about electrically powered R/C model aircraft, and many questions about R/C model aircraft of all types, except helicopters. I`ve been building, flying and designing R/C model aircraft for 40 years.

Robin Bartlett

I Can answer most RC car and boat based questions, whether they be about engine tuning, electronics, making the right choice of equipment/car, mechanical issues, or how to set up a car or truck for different conditions. I can also answer basic boating questions and beginner to intermediate airplane questions.

James Crocker

I can answer most beginner questions about electrically and gas powered R/C model airplanes(except helicopters)that deals with problems in the air flying or even on takeoff using fundamentals and training methods. I can help explain most basic ground and flight school tips to help others gain more experience on how to fly R/C model airplanes. Iíve been flying for 11 years and taught over ten others to fly.

RC Model Airplanes/Cars/Boats

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