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Christine Whetstone

I am not an expert on wild rabbits, only domesticated rabbits. I can answer questions regarding habitats, behavior, diet, health, pairing/bonding - pretty much anything having to do with owning a rabbit.


I can answer questions around the welfare of pet rabbits, basic health queries including gut stasis, diet worries, bonding questions and the proper welfare standards around housing rabbits (i.e. no wire floors, no small cages and they should be kept in properly bonded de-sexed pairs in very large enclosures). I cannot answer showing questions nor complex breeding issues as I do not agree with either, seeing the other end of the story in the world of rabbit rescue.

Dana Krempels, Ph.D.

I've lived with companion rabbits for more than 35 years, and consider them members of my family. I can answer any questions about the biology and health of rabbits, from the commonplace to the unusual. But please note:

RULE #1:

  • If your rabbits is LETHARGIC
  • If your rabbit is NOT EATING
  • If your rabbit is PHYSICALLY INJURED (including broken bones)
  • If your baby rabbit has DIARRHEA
...it is an EMERGENCY.

Find a rabbit vet at www.rabbit.org/vet for immediate help, and don't risk your bunny's life by spending time asking questions online! If you can't get in touch with your vet, read these Emergency Sick Bunny Instructions.

If you have found a wild baby rabbit, please read these EMERGENCY INSTRUCTIONS FOR WILD BABY RABBITS and then use this link to FIND A LOCAL WILDLIFE REHABILITATOR who can give you the right advice.

RULE #2:
Help me help you! Please make your subject line informative if you have an urgent question .....

K L Gardner

On Vacation
returns 12/31/2014
I have hands on experience in caring for Rabbits and Rodents for over 20 years, as well as pet store supervisory experience including overlooking the treatment of sick or injured animals. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are my speciality. I have kept everything from Dwarf breeds to Continental Giant Rabbits and various varieties of Guinea Pig. I can give advice on husbandry, breeding, housing, diet, retail law, general buying your pet and what to look out for and health problems. I can also advise on bonding Rabbits and Guinea Pigs I do advise that if your pet has an ailment that your priority is veterinary help but i will answer questions where i can on pets undergoing treatment by a vet where a diagnoses has been issued. Ailments do need inspection by a trained vet to diagnose any health problems

Dave Lawrence

I can answer questions about breeding and showing rabbits. I have been breeding Black Rex rabbits for the past 10 years and have won numerous prizes for showing them. Ive also done a fair amount of judging.

Lee Meyer (Mr.)

On Vacation
returns 12/31/2014
I have 7+ years of experience with House Rabbits, rescue groups, and working with shelter rabbits. I have done many educational talks about house rabbits. I have advised potential adopters, supervised bunny 'dates', fundraising/educational rabbit events, and help rabbit owners with their rabbits. I will answer questions about: general behaviors, body language, housing, toys, bunny-proofing, diet, spaying/neutering issues, nail clips, preventative measures, diet, and health questions. I will not discuss: anything that deals with rabbits for fur, food, factory-style breeding, deliberate or casual breeding by pet owners, or experimentation.

My focus is solely on rabbits as loved pets. It's why I'm a House Rabbit Society member rather than an ARBA member. If you don't view your rabbit the same way you would a pet dog or cat, please ask another expert your question.

I am not a veterinarian and cannot conclusively diagnose your rabbit. My advice does not take the place of a good rabbit vet. IF YOU THINK THERE'S A PROBLEM, DON'T WAIT FOR A REPLY, GET TO A VET IMMEDIATELY!!! Sometimes what appears to be a small problem is life-threatening.

The House Rabbit Society has references on their site for vets they have researched. There are US and .....

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2014-12-12 Bunny not eating his favourite pellets:

Hi Vesna    It may be worth seeing if your vet can do an x-ray to check for further damage those rogue molar teeth are doing, including checking for abscesses which can be painful and checking what the

2014-12-10 Rabbit Grooming - Dusty and Boaz:

Kate,    I'm sorry to hear you're having some problems. Your boys sound super cute, so I hope I can help you get to maximizing their looks. There are a few questions I would like to ask, and a few suggestions/thoughts

2014-12-05 Diamaond has a lump:

Dear Natalie,    I can't know for sure from your description, but I don't think your vet sounds as if he is a rabbit expert.  I would strongly recommend that you use the list here:    http://www.rabbit

2014-12-05 I found worms in my bunnies cage this morning!:

Dear Madi,    The "worms" look like blowfly maggots, and these are definitely NOT something you want near your rabbit.  They are the larvae of blowflies, which are attracted to feces, rotting flesh, and

2014-12-05 please get back to me ASAP:

Hi Becky    I'm afraid I've never personally hand-reared babies. But I can tell you it's an uphill battle.    With the scratch, you would be best phoning a vet for advice. The rescue I volunteer for is

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