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Marc Lemay

Can answer general radio broadcasting questions, voice overs, radio production, radio advertising, station operation, AM radio questions, programming questions, local radio questions, radio marketing, radio tech, radio formats, radio education, podcasting, radio and the internet

Dave W. Guffey

Most questions related to the Golden Age of Radio from it's inception in the late 20's to it's passing in the early 1960's. I am an avid collector and have some 8,000 "Old-Time Radio Shows" in my personal collection. I have tons of related material on the subject.

Mike Shannon

Oldies music/oldies radio and radio in general with 17 years in Internet Radio.

Bob Allen

Can answer questions about Commercial Radio Announcing, News Reporting and questions about college radio station founding. Areas of expertise include music, technique, news gathering, studio design and operation. General rounded knowledge of the Broadcast and Cable TV Industry.

Brian McColl

Radio presentation. On air skills. What to say on air and why. Finding your radio 'voice'.


General Radio and Television history, law, jobs, etc. Programming, trends, new technology.

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2016-10-25 Why do AM and FM radio stations air so much:

Satellite radio (SiriusXM) has had an impact on commercial radio, but not as much as they had hoped for. Originally Sirius and XM were competing companies but the market couldn't support two satellite

2016-10-24 Why do AM and FM radio stations air so much:

The goal of AM and FM stations (with the exception of non-commercial stations such as college or NPR) is to make money. The way stations make money is by selling commercial air time. This is the only way

2016-10-24 Why do AM and FM radio stations air so much commercials:

In a simple word "greed". While you used to hear many smaller commercial breaks, many of the larger radio companies now pile 5-10 minutes into one break. They have effectively ruined radio with these tactics

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