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I am not qualified to interpret diagnostic imaging or to diagnose disease. Please consult a physician for that information. I am the photographer. I can tell you what to expect during most MRI, CT and X-ray procedures.

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2017-03-18 spinal MRI for sciatica:

Hello, WindyCityGal.    Your physician will know which part of your LS-spine to image. And if (s)he didn't order the best exam for your symptoms, a good MRI tech may consult with your doctor to suggest

2017-02-24 radiation exposure:

Hello, Sayuri.    You are right to be concerned about being exposed to radiation. There is nothing you can do about the exposure you have already received. The best thing you can do for yourself is not

2017-02-05 MRA scan:

Hello, Jenny.    If they treated your aneurysm by surgically implanting an aneurysm clip, DO NOT have an MRA before you verify that the aneurysm clip is MRI safe. A ferrous (having magnetic properties)

2017-01-26 Breast Sonogram:

Hello, Kelly,    Previous imaging, especially of your breasts, is extremely helpful to the radiologist. No matter why you are having your test. In fact, I have in my possession all of the breast imaging

2017-01-24 CT VS MRI:

Hello, Maria.    MRI is superior for showing cartilage and ligaments, and inferior for showing bone. MRI uses the water in your body (specifically the Hydrogen molecules) to create images. However, MR

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