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Matt Heisler

I can answer questions about buying or selling your home, and questions about the market in Massachusetts, with detailed answers if you ask about my specific area in Mass, Metrowest. I can help with Investment property and the basics of financing. How to construct deals and how to find bargains and how to protect capital. Land, home sales, rehabs, fix and flips, income property are places where I could be able to assist you. I can also answer basic questions about foreclosure, short-sales, 1031 exchanges, and basic questions about how the economy and credit markets are functioning and how that affects you.

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2016-12-30 Massachusetts property laws:

Hi Peg-    This is really a LEGAL question, and not a REALTOR question, but my understanding is that in MA, the branches that are in your yard are yours - and your problem - while the branches in his yard

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