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Laurie Stephenson

I can answer questions about Residential Real Estate in the Upstate Capital District area. I specialize in Saratoga County, but can help you with information from Albany north to the Lake George area.

Mark Shemel

I believe I can answer questions in the following sub categories with respect to New York City: Residential Brokerage, Landlord Tenant disputes, Any type of lease questions, any definition pertaining to residential real estate, any questions about property management, most questions about development, construction codes, and housing laws, questions about Section 8, HPD and government sponsored housing. Also corporate and short term housing questions.

Reza Ardebili

I am a Real Estate Broker. I own my own properties, and I build many 3 family homes. I can answer all aspects of purchasing/selling/researching on real estate in NY. I specialize in 2/3 families in NYC (5 boroughs). I can also help you through the process. BROOKLYN, MANHATTAN, BRONX, QUEENS’s properties in which you can build equity and your rental income pays for your mortgage is a very good idea. Most properties I sell/build are in this category. Hope I can be of help.

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2017-01-16 Solar panels and roof rights vs. roof ownership:

It appears you have the right to install, but the obligations to maintain those areas may change.  It's possible the unit owner can argue and bring you to court, but I don't think they would win.  It does

2017-01-15 Solar panels and roof rights vs. roof ownership:

I think this really depends on the bylaws of the coop.  How are the rights for the rooftop units written here?  There should be specific language about this.  Let me know.

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