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Rabbi Sue Levy

I will be happy to discuss questions about the beliefs and practices of the Jewish people and faith, including but not limited to Reform Judaism. I am not trained as a psychologist and do not, therefore, answer questions about relationships or other personal issues.

Ovadiah ben Avraham

All questions pertaining to Judaism in general; medical and ethical Halakhah; New Testament theology as it pertains to Judaism. I am committed to both interfaith relations and counter-missionary arguments. Indeed, if one looks closely, there is no contradiction. My right to swing my arms ends where your nose begins. We can discuss without malice and possibly even learn something from one another.

Rabbi Chaim Bender

I will answer questions about Judaism in general, Reform, Conservative and Orthodox as well. I will answer questions about converting to Judaism, and questions about why Jews do not believe in a risen messiah. I try to stay away from politics.

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2016-08-28 day of atonement:

Question : it is part of Jewish ritual to go naked into a river at the Day of Atonement?    The simple answer is NO. I think that the makers of the film you mention were taking what is known as "poetic

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