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Julie Donnelly, LMT

I can accept questions that relate to chronic or acute pain caused by muscle spasms and contractions. Repetitive Strain Injury is actually Cumulative Trauma to muscles. Releasing the spasm &/or contraction will relieve the strain that is felt at the insertion point on the bone. I am the co-developer of the unique safe-stretching program "Focused Flexibility Training," which combines easy instruction for self-treating spasms throughout your body with proven yoga stretches. I have recently authored two new books: "The 15 Minute Back Pain Solution," and "The Secret to Your Best Golf Game EVER!

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2017-01-22 Foot pain above and below:

Hi Chris,    There are three muscles of your lower leg that will cause the pain pattern you are describing. The first is your tibialis anterior and the second is your peroneals, and the last are the muscles

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