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Tracie Kretzschmar

I can answer questions pertaining to health, UVB specifics, overall husbandry care & supplementation, analysis of blood test results, and behavioral problems & handling. I can answer questions pertaining to bearded dragons, leopard geckos, iguanas, uromastyx & ball pythons. I can answer adeno virus related questions in bearded dragons, & then specifically about the testing methods as well. I am beginning an Pogona Adeno Testing Society in 2008 which will help to begin to start some standardization within the bearded dragon colonies of the breeders who choose to test.


YOU WILL GET A REJECTION OF YOUR QUESTION IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO QUESTIONER IN FULL!. I am primarily here to assist with health concerns. I am here for the more difficult questions. Not for questions that you could research & easily find the answer yourself. My standards are that you provide DETAILED and RELEVANT background history on your pet before you ask me any question about it other than GENDER or ID. The requested information is in the instructions to questioner. Failure to answer each of those questions to provide that background, will result in your question being rejected. I can answer questions related reptile husbandry, identification (esp. in Texas and the SW), legal aspects, and advanced level medical care. I am the director of Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue (TX), a wildlife rehabilitator specializing in reptiles, a founding member of The Society for Horned Lizard Preservation, a subscriber to the International Veterinary Information Service,, educational content contributor to, and a Dept of State Health Services accredited animal control instructor (CE) for reptile handling. I do most of my own veterinary care in-house, including minor surgery and necropsy. I am most experienced in .....


My area of expertise would be snakes and reptile genetics (again mostly w/ snakes). Although I have dealt w/ almost all species of reptiles commonly sold in the US.

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2016-12-17 Swollen eyes:

Why is there such a large space between those last two follow ups?     OK, my question was, was the repti glo 10.0 a linear or a compact?     How did you get the Arcadia so soon? Which specific lamp?

2016-12-16 Swollen eyes:

You were right to trash the coil lamp. They're at best useless and a waste of money, and at worst, dangerous.   These lamps are insufficient for most reptiles, and certainly a bearded dragon. A coil lamp

2016-12-16 Swollen eyes:

Long posts DON'T bother me, so don't have that mindset. What bothers me is short posts that never contain enough information.     I'm just breezing this and letting you know I will get back to it and address

2016-12-15 People:'s called "generosity". Do YOU donate ANY of your time to anything? I bet not. Do YOU run an animal rescue that rescues or aids in the rescue and rehabilitation of THOUSANDS of animals

2016-12-14 bernation:

Hello Judy,    Romeo looks great.  He is around 6 months so technically he is old enough to brumate.  Ours did at 6 months & was fine.  I was worried at first because of his age, but, he was sizeable.

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