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K. David Meit, CPM

Real estate investment, operations, renovation, marketing, and administration. Specializing in urban multifamily, DC rent control, property repositioning, change management and building high performance operating teams. For more information, please visit

Doug Chasick, The Apartment Doctor

I can assist property management professionals ONLY (I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM RESIDENTS/TENANTS) with anything related to the management, marketing, leasing and general operations of multifamily properties with at least 100 units. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT an attorney and CANNOT offer any assistance to residents by answering questions about your business relationship with your landlord - I CANNOT ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR LEASE. Please visit me at /

Gary C. Dunn

I can answer questions about where to live rent-free in the US or other countries as a property caretaker. I have been publishing rent-free living opportunities world-wide since 1983.

Mike Fortunato

Very familiar with all aspects of property management (tenant/landlord issues, lease administration, facilities maintenance, financials, etc). 25+ years in property management

Stefani Nachatilo

I can answer basic beginner questions like "How do I get started buying my 1st rental property" and "What to look for when taking an application on a tennant." "Here`s what capital I have to work with -- what are my options?"

Adam L. Greenberg CPS

I have several years of experience in commercial property management, particularly in tenant retention but also in day-to-day tenant relations and service. Tenant relations and property management are the same whether residential or commercial--everyone takes he same licensing classes. It's the practical work experience that differentiates the two. I can answer questions relating to general topics but by law, because I am licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson by The Missouri Real Estate Commission (since 2005), I cannot give legal advice and as per Items #4 and #5 of the AllExperts User Agreement, my answers may not be construed as such.

John Souerbry

Property buy/sell decisions; market rent analysis; cost control/profit improvement; property management procedures; real estate portfolio management; selling real estate held by estates in probate or trust.

Donald J. Leske II

Advocate for Landlord & Tenant Rights. Based in Washington State as a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Property Manager. I am a Landlord but I am not a Lawyer. Ask any question dealing with the rental of residential properties, including; 1. Evictions. 2. Maintenance & repair issues. 3. How to set a fair rental price. 4. When to hire a property manager. 5. Selling and how to determine value. 6. Basic tax questions and Legal issues ok, but most will be referred to a professional in that field.

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2016-09-14 Getting apts A.D.A accessible.:

I suppose you could try speaking with the property managers or property owners, but this issue is usually more complex than meets the eye. Often there are difficulties in putting ramps on older properties

2016-07-30 Is gas, heat, water, electricity, trash removal, cable connection for:

Thank you for your inquiry. Please note I am not an attorney nor am I licensed in the state of Michigan. For legal advise, please seek local counsel or contact the Michigan Department of Licensing and

2016-07-30 Is gas, heat, water, electricity, trash removal, cable connection for TV:

Hello!  The simple answer is that no matter where you are in The United States,  you should not assume that anything is included unless it's written into your lease.  I was formerly.a member of The National

2016-07-30 Is gas, heat, water, electricity, trash removal, cable:

I'm in California, therefore I am not able to give you a specific answer regarding landlord requirements in Michigan. As a general rule, however, utilities are identified in the lease as either paid by

2016-07-30 Is gas, heat, water, electricity, trash removal, cable connection for TV, and high speed internet, included in renting an apartment?:

Hello sir,    I am in Washington State and am not sure of what may be offered, but I would say that in apartments you should expect that the water, garbage, sewer are paid for and with up-scale apartments

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