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Professor Kevin C. Zook

I can answer general questions about retail and retail management. I prefer to concentrate on the organizational behavior and management aspects of the retail industry. If you help managing your people, then I am your guy. I do many several years of front-line management experience in retail management; I fought in the trenches side-by-side with my employees and I have a REALISTIC point of view about the retail industry. Beyond, retail management I can answer questions about logistics, merchandising, product placement and basic financials.

Steven Ramsby

I can answer most anything on retail sales, marketing, placement, packaging, importing and distribution.

Stu Jordan

New Zealand
Simply put, I help Retailers make more profit! You will NOT hear me talk about excessive stock control mechanisms, specialized POS software, or sales training. Instead, I am available to answer questions relating to retail fundamentals - the art of buying and selling - and making a healthy profit along the way. Areas of specialty include: - CASHFLOW - how to keep your business in the black (or get it out of the red!) - PRICING - strategies, margin, mark-up, wholesale to retail, etc. - PRODUCTS - what to buy, what to avoid. - PRESENTATION - the science of product placement! - SALES - how to grow these fast, and keep the cash register ringing. - AGED STOCK - a silent profit killer! How to manage this area of your business - SUPPLIERS - leveraging these relationships so you get more from them! - MARGIN EROSION - and how to prevent it. If you have any general or specialized retail issue, I am happy to help you out. Also happy to talk to manufacturer/wholesalers who are looking for advice on breaking their products into the retail market. Follow me on Twitter @retailguru, or check out my blog for other useful .....

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