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Tony Fuemana

New Zealand
I can answer most questions about rugby. the game is exciting and can be played by anyone. I am happy to offer advice about training, positioning, game plans, training and any other things you want to know.

garry watters

anything to do with northern hemisphere rugby union

Nick Vujnovich

I can answer most questions in detail but I am best used for "Forward" positions especially the "tight 5" and the scrum. I am a front row guy myself. I have good knowledge of game strategy and tactics. I cannot give detailed help with kicking myself but I can suggest general training applications and point you towards good resources. I am a New Zealander living in Southern California, USA. With regard to fitness or weight training: please understand that you are best going to a gym and getting first hand consultation from a qualified trainer. The risk of injury is too great for me to simply give you a program without being able to analyze your fitness or capabilities in person. I really suggest going through my previously answered questions as well. The most common repeat questions refer to tackling.


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