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George Chan

Hong Kong
I can answer the question about personal example, and the principle of customer services.

Joel D Canfield

I'm a problem-solver; I specialize in finding practical win-win solutions to difficult customer service issues. Anything to do with maintaining good relations with your customers and still running a profitable business is fair game.

Al Diamond

Al Diamond is the President of Agency Consulting Group, Inc., a leading management consulting firm for service businesses throughout the U.S., specializing in the insurance industry. He is a recognized expert on the subjects of business valuation, partnership dispute resolution, Strategic and Tactical Planning and Effective Customer Service.

Deborah Chaddock Brown

Customer service in the workplace, over the phone. Handling difficult customers. Managing more than one customer at a time. Connecting with customers via social media. Earning customer loyalty. Develop repeat business through exceptional customer service. Exceeding customer expectations. Developing a customer focused culture. Using social media to listen and respond to customer feedback.

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Hulloo, Mark!    My specialty is really about teaching business owners how to provide better service, how to operate their business, but I'm glad to offer what I hope will be some helpful advice.    I

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