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George Chan

Hong Kong
I can answer the question about personal example, and the principle of customer services.

Joel D Canfield

I'm a problem-solver; I specialize in finding practical win-win solutions to difficult customer service issues. Anything to do with maintaining good relations with your customers and still running a profitable business is fair game.

Deborah Chaddock Brown

Customer service in the workplace, over the phone. Handling difficult customers. Managing more than one customer at a time. Connecting with customers via social media. Earning customer loyalty. Develop repeat business through exceptional customer service. Exceeding customer expectations. Developing a customer focused culture. Using social media to listen and respond to customer feedback.

Al Diamond

Al Diamond is the President of Agency Consulting Group, Inc., a leading management consulting firm for service businesses throughout the U.S., specializing in the insurance industry. He is a recognized expert on the subjects of business valuation, partnership dispute resolution, Strategic and Tactical Planning and Effective Customer Service.

Running an Efficient Customer Service

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