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Maria Kuruskina

Any questions concerning the Russian language and culture.

Gary Goldberg

Russian to English, especially politics, military, etc.

Ivan Boryagin

Any intelligent questions are welcome.

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2017-03-26 semantics:

Hello Mehrdad,    This is a colloquial word. The prefix "под" means also "incomplete action" (it's colloquial meaning). So подизучил

2017-03-23 Asking the meaning of some words:

Dear Mehrdad,     The verb подрезать is a colloquialism and mostly ignored by lexicographers who have enough work with standard literal language.

2017-02-07 Asking the meaning of two Russian phrases:

Dear Mehrdad,     Both statements are a little odd but it's possible that I am not familiar this specific field. In any case, below are the direct, most probable translations. Without a context, cannot

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