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Debashish Raja

Any question in the field of Sales & Marketing and Business Developments in any line of Business. There is no question which can't be answered. Check with me.

Wes Schaeffer

"You can't train your way out of a bad hire." I focus on first answering questions around how to best recruit the proper person for the proper sales position. Once you are sure you have the right person on board I can answer questions on how best to train, motivate, retain and promote them into leadership roles. I can also help answer questions on prospecting, setting agendas for sales calls, questioning techniques and closing.

Geoffrey Veit

I hate to sound overly confident but questions about how to close or the sales processes, Buying tips, training issues and department leadership.

Doug Staneart

I can answer questions related to lead generation, motivating prospects through the selling process, shortening selling cycles, and using technology to increase sales revenue.

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