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Grant R. Koeller

I'm a Professional Jazz Saxophone soloist recently retired from 23 years with the USAF Band Of Flight, WPAFB, OHIO, experienced in performance, technique and equipment. I'm not a buyer/seller or dealer. I have 40 years Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Bari Saxophone performance experience with additional years on the Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bass Guitar, Piano, Drum-set, Guitar and Voice. I'm a third generation professional military musician, my father, Bill Koeller(1939-1997) was in the USAF 1958-1962, and played Jazz Hammond B-3 organ from 1957-1997, and my fathers Uncle, Alfred Koeller (1912-1993), was a professional Acoustic Bassist in the Army Air Corps in WWII, and also performed on Jazz Guitar, Hammond organ, Piano and tenor saxophone.

Gwen Shroyer

I am interested in networking with other saxophone players of all levels of experience and answering questions about varied techniques and methods of training, specific brands and models made, mouthpieces, reeds, and various other questions about performance.

Charles Harris

questions regarding equipment, performance, repairs, lessons, etc. Almost all saxophone related questions.

Pete Thomas

Please note: I am not able to answer questions on saxophone ages or values, but am happy to answer questions about playing the saxophone. I have never really thought of myself as an expert, but I have learnt a lot from my long experience, much of it trial and error. I'm happy to see what you all think of my answers to your questions, I hope you find them helpful (if not please tell me!), and I hope you find them at the very least thought provoking. I am happy to answer questions on all aspects of saxophone playing and performance techniques. I am not a saxophone technician so can not answer queries related to advanced areas of saxophone repair, but I am familiar with routine maintenance useful for players.

Eugene Cantera

I have been a music educator for over 25 years and have taught on many levels from young children and school agers on through to college level, professional players and senior citizens. My main areas of expertise are saxophone(s) though I have taught many instruments including, guitar, bass, piano, oboe and drums to name a few. I have also done research on horns both vintage and new.

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2017-02-14 practising:

Anders - this is one of the BEST questions I've gotten in all my time here at AllExperts! Here's my best advice:    I am a BIG believer in what I call "paper practice".  That is any work you do "consciously"

2017-02-04 Perfect curved Lyon & Healy:

Hello Shannon,  EA Couturier originally made this horn for Lyon & Healy, but Couturier did make horns for Holton and seems to have gotten absorbed by Holton. Additionally, Holton tried to improve the

2017-01-24 H.N. White Co. alto sax:

Hello Kay,  you have King Eb Alto No. 1004 "Solo Instrument" In 1916 [around s/n 50,000], responding to the rising popularity of the saxophone, the HN White Company began producing their own "King" model

2017-01-21 should I restore:

Sal,     The York Band Instrument Company went out of business in the 1930's due to the great depression. They were sold to Carl Fisher who used the label as a stencil for some of their student lines.

2017-01-06 yanagisawa Tenor 00677508:

Victor,     The 508 under the Bb key is actually the last 3 digits of the serial number. Manufactures will often stamp partial numbers on parts to facilitate assembly while at the factory and during shipping

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