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Dan Smith

I have been a professional writer and editor for more than 30 years, taught speech and English composition at the university level, and have developed speech and English composition courses and seminars for businesses. I am experienced in editing a wide variety of materials, especially business, scientific, and other academic papers. I am familiar with all the major style guides.

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2016-09-15 word):

Hi Hame,    I'm not sure there's a single word for that, but in this country we often reserve specific lanes for what are termed "high-occupancy vehicles (HOVs). These generally require at least two people

2016-09-11 Who/Whoever & Whom/Whomever:

Hi Ryo,    Sorry if I didn't explain it adequately. Your two sentences in which you compared the he/him - who/whom in number 2 are not really alike.     If I had known who/whom that was, I would have spoken

2016-09-11 Who/Whoever & Whom/Whomever:

Hi Ryo,    Who/whom is one of the features of the language that a great many people get wrong. Plus, preferences in ambiguous situations may very well be changing. In many instances, even if you get it

2016-09-11 date...:

Hi Hame,      September tenth, twenty sixteen    or    September ten, two thousand sixteen    Or you can mix and match the two elements    Hope this helps. But I can't really think of a situation when

2016-08-21 Will VS be going to:

Hame,    If I understand the question correctly, I think "will" is the correct choice--"We will go to Texas on Thursday." I think "be going to" just adds unnecessary words, which is almost never good.

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