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Sue Kayton

Engineer who has read thousands of science fiction books and short stories. Can recommend stories on specific subjects and comment on technical feasibility. Especially good at older out-of-print books and authors.


I have read most of the short stories and books produced by the Top 80-100 authors in the SF field, as well as more obscure authors such as Robert Sheckley, and can answer any queries regarding author, title or theme of a science fiction short story(or novel). I can also answer questions on the history and influence of Science Fiction past to present, as well as on specific SF genres such as Cyberpunk,Golden Age SF, H G Wells-style scientific romances etc. I do not answer questions about books/stories set in the Fantasy genre.

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2016-08-24 Sci-fi short story:

This seems to be it:-    It is supposed to be in the Ray Bradbury anthology "R is for Rocket". Modern anthologies by the author may also have

2016-08-10 cameras/photography in sci-fi:

many such stories.  The best (in my opinion) is E for Effort and here is the Wikipedia entry    This story appears in the excellent anthology Science Fiction

2016-07-21 Can't remember the title of the short story:

sorry,  never read this one.  the closest I can think of is Time for the Stars by Robert Heinlein.  An astronaut returns form space after many years.  He has barely aged, and his twin who remained on earth

2016-07-04 Title inquiry:

never read this one.  Sorry.  Sounds like one of the John Carter of Mars series.    I can recommend the Time Scout series by Robert Asprin, one of the books in the series has a gladiators-in-Rome theme

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