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Sue Kayton

Engineer who has read thousands of science fiction books and short stories. Can recommend stories on specific subjects and comment on technical feasibility. Especially good at older out-of-print books and authors.


I have read most of the short stories and books produced by the Top 80-100 authors in the SF field, as well as more obscure authors such as Robert Sheckley, and can answer any queries regarding author, title or theme of a science fiction short story(or novel). I can also answer questions on the history and influence of Science Fiction past to present, as well as on specific SF genres such as Cyberpunk,Golden Age SF, H G Wells-style scientific romances etc. I do not answer questions about books/stories set in the Fantasy genre.

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2017-03-23 Book name:

The only one-word novel I can think of is Kwaidan, by the author Hearn.  Doesn't sound like it matches your plot.  Here's the Wikipedia link.

2017-03-14 Older short stories:

#1 might be The Time traveler's Wife (a novel)    #2 doesn't ring a bell.  Try looking in this index of SF stories and books

2017-03-11 countdown to zero:

I found these short stories, but nothing titled Countdown to Zero.    •The Countdown · John Haase   •Countdown · Kate Wilhelm   •Countdown to Disaster · Isaac Asimov     You can try searching for alternate

2017-02-25 Old youth Mars novel:

There are jillions of such stories, but I can't think of the title of any that involve two young children.  My favorite is A Martian Odyssey which is the first story in the excellent anthology Science

2017-02-13 Old science fiction short story:

sorry, never read this one  the best hunting stories I can think of are The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell and ASound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury.  Please let me know if you find your story since

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