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Ralph Salier-Hellendag

Science Fair Judge for many years and experience with robotics, biology, chemistry, industrial processes, metalurgy and metal forming.

walter hintz

I can answer questions from kids in all grades in the areas of general science, biology and nature study

Sue Kayton

I can answer almost any student science question! I especially like ones involving silkworms, spacecraft and computers.

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2017-01-16 Chemistry:

Hi Aishwarya,    This may be better answered by your chemistry teacher but it may be helpful to know that there are four states of matter:    Solid  Liquid  Gaseous  Plasma    In all cases, the molecular

2017-01-16 HHelp:

Hi Aishwarya,  Number Line helps students visualize number sequences and demonstrate strategies for counting, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying

2017-01-16 Help:

Hi Aishwarya,    Linear graphs are used in many areas of day to day life, mostly in the business world but also behind the scenes for other purposes.  These are used in economic forecasting, traffic control

2017-01-05 Help:

Hi Aishwarya,    It does not matter the size of the original triangle.  If you double the size, you will get 4 times the area of the original.  Do the experiment of drawing  a 25mm ix 25mm x 25mm triangle

2017-01-03 science:

Hi Travion,    I'm not sure I understand something.  Are you making a water spout or tornado above the water or are you making a whirlpool in  the water?    The difference in how these form is quite interesting

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