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Jerry Pollock

Do you believe in God? Where did God come from? Does the soul give us life? Where does the soul come from? Although the body dies, does the soul live on? What is the soul made up of? What is God made up of? Where is Heaven? Can our souls in our bodies communicate with souls in the spirit world? How does the psychic communicate with the dead? What is telepathic communication? What is reincarnation? What is channeling? How did Einstein define energy? What is the relationship of God's Energy to Einstein's energy? How fast does God travel? How fast does the soul travel? Is God and our souls independent of time and space? How does Einstein explain time-space in the fourth dimension? How can you explain God being responsible for both Creation and Evolution? Can science explain miracles? Can miracles explain science? Can God explain both science and miracles? How can God be the Creator of all things through energy? Does God have secrets? When will His secrets be revealed? Is God judging us for our moral decisions? Is there an afterlife? What is the Messianic Age? How do we enter it? What are our good and evil inclinations? .....

Science, Spirituality and the Soul

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