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I can answer questions about Scientology beliefs, practices, policies, and history.


I can answer technical, administrative, organizational, spiritual and Church policy questions and Scientological viewpoints - based upon my 10 years 'in' The Church. I'm a Class IV auditor (pastoral counselor), and though I'm no longer in 'lock-step' agreement with current Church management, I still very much consider myself an adherent to the applied religious philosophy of Scientology as researched, codified and presented to the world by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard Senior.

Mick Wenlock

I can answer questions dealing with a wide range of Scientology subjects. My main area of expertise is in the Management of the Church of Scientology. Along with that, the issues faced by people leaving the Church and the Sea Organization. I am no longer a member of the Church of Scientology. As I do not now possess a library of Hubbard's books, specific questions about auditing processes are not something I can give references for.

Laurie Hamilton

I am able to answer questions regarding Scientology practices and procedures, religious philosophy, donations, religious rites, management, administrative and staff matters.

Debbie Collins

I am a Dianetics and Scientology Counselor. I have been helping people with the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology by L. Ron Hubbard for 33 years. Scientology can give you: 1.A higher IQ to handle your problems 2.Higher awareness to get a better job 3.More energy to make more money 4.Better health to breast life 5.Better morale to handle upsets 6.Less despair 7.More life 8.More years to live Email to set up a free introductory session. You can also visit my website:

Association of Professional Independent Scientologists

Regarding the Organizing Board, Administrative and Management matters as developed by Lafayette Ron Hubbard. Some technical issues also.

Chuck Beatty

I will answer questions about the Sea Organization and administrative internal atmosphere in the Sea Organization from 1975 until 2003, the 27 year period I was part of the Sea Organization.

Voltaire`s Child

I can answer questions about the Scientology philosophy, its methods, theories and practices. I can also answer questions about the Church of Scientology and alternative Scientology groups and of the practices thereof.

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I think it makes little difference, doesn't it?    There is objective evidence that habituation changes the brain, that practice and experience build some areas and allow others to wither.  Whether the

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Social media is just a tool. It provides leverage.  And as such, I think it tends to amplify the communication and the personality traits of the users.  Like anything, it provides a path toward addiction

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My take on Power on all 8 Dynamics would be very high and sustained level of rapidity of particle flow in all domains of survival (self, creativity/family, groups, mankind, all living things, spirituality

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Reality is agreement.  What is real is what we agree upon between us.  I perceive an apple that's red, juicy, crisp; you perceive an apple that's red, juicy, crisp.  It's real.  I mold clay into a mug

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God is defined in Scientology as the author of the universe, the infinite, the prime mover unmoved.  God is conceived of as having been the original source of theta.  There is no Scientology dogma concerning

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