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Kaye McAlpine

Lifecycle (birth, marriage, death) customs in Scotland, Early Modern Scottish social customs, modern Scottish social customs, Border March laws and procedures, criminal processes and judicial execution practices, social history in Early Modern Scotland, ephemera printing in Scotland. While I have some knowledge of the clan system and function of the clan society (Highland and Lowland), I am not a an expert in clan genealogy. Having traced back my own family over a couple of centuries, and traced others due to academic research, I do know how the system works, however. This doesn't mean that I'm a genealogist. Please note that I do not speak Gaelic.

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2016-08-25 Nichol and McKenzie blazons of arms:

Hi Colleen    Thanks for that - caber feidh is Gaelic for stag's antlers (spar of the deer) and the honorific 'caberfeidh' is awarded to Mackenzie of Seaforth, the chief of the clan. It would seem that

2016-08-25 Nichol and McKenzie blazons of arms:

Hello Colleen    As this is a question and answer site, it would not be appropriate for me to search for an image of a  crest: I am sure the Nichol family has a homepage or homepages. Be aware that there

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