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I can help mostly with episode names and their story arcs for each character. I can assist with nearly anything else, as I am constantly studying the show and watch it almost daily. I used to feel embarrassed by my fascination with this show but not anymore. I want to become a reputable expert on the series. So far, I know a lot about the different story arcs and episode titles; for instance the episode "Little Kicks" where Elaine shows off her horrid dancing abilities, is also the episode where Jerry encounters a bootlegger, one of Kramer's friends, Brodie, who hits him up to pirate a copy of "Cry Cry Again".


I`m not that great with specific titles or dates but I do tend to gather more information than the average person about the real names and other work by actors in all shows, especially a show like this one that I`ve innumerable times.


I own all the DVDs, and have watched all of the special features and commentaries on all the episodes, most of them several times. I have whole sections of dialouge memorized as well as knowing a lot of little details. I'm good at placing a random quote, character, or scene, into its correct episode and season. I can also fill you in on all details of any minor character that ever appeared on the show or any answer any minor triva-type questions. However, I don't know much about the actor's real lives, or products seen on the show.

Rob Alexander

I can answer most questions with an emphasis on character names, but I am not particularly very good with dates, seasons or number-specific trivia.


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