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Brad Poulos

I can answer any questions regarding the legal, financial, operational and other issues regarding the sale or purchase of a small or medium sized business. I do not have any knowledge of Franchise purchases and can't answer questions on that.

David Staub

I can answer a wide variety of questions on buying and selling a business, including negotiating and drafting the purchase agreement, conducting the due diligence investigation and understanding various alternatives to financing the business acquisition.

Rhett Kniep, CBB

I advise others on how to value a business, how to sell a business, and how to buy a business, and give guidance on critical issues such as negotiation and growth strategies. I have knowledge and experience in real estate investing and raising investment funds.

william bruno

Virtually anything regarding buying or selling a business or company

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2017-01-20 Selling shares, corporation formation, and DBA:

Hello, Alex, and thank you for contacting AllExperts.     This is a relatively small but complicated transaction. First of all, a seller would have to be highly motivated to sell at this price, and with

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Selling or Buying a Small Business

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