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Doug Adams, Ph.D.

I am happy to answer all kinds of questions about sexuality.

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2016-10-16 Advice and Acquiescence:

I am not a professional sex therapist; I am a writer who deals with sexuality issues and offers friendly advice to people.  I say this because your situation obviously calls for professional help.  I suggest

2016-08-09 What does this tell you about a man?:

I doubt that's the only reason he had sex, but a man who would believe that is pretty gullible.  If the child is born in Europe to an absent foreign father, most likely the mother would have sole custody

2016-07-28 Oral Sex and Normality:

If you don't want to perform fellatio on him, then don't, but let him know what you're doing.  Don't just stop and let him think there's going to be fellatio next week or sometime.      If you're not comfortable

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