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The Shih Tzu Lady - you can -mail me at

NuVET supplements for your Shih Tzu ; Shih Tzu puppies; Feeding your new Shih Tzu puppy; Dog food for Shih Tzu ; NEED help ? e-mail me at: Worked for over 25 years with Veterinarians. Marie Peppers, Experience Licensed Nurse Trained in Holistic Pet Nutrition ; Supplements certifications * My comments to your questions are not to be used "in lieu of" veterinarian's advise or treatment - IF YOU BELIEVE YOUR DOG IS ILL OR INJURED, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY. I would be glad to assist in basic health and wellness questions. I have extensive knowledge and often help with client education. I also answer questions on Bulldogs under the Bulldog Expert on this site ****** VISIT My Consulting site for a FREE 20 minute Consultation ( Nutritional consults offered )

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