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Jim Stringer

I answer questions about sterling flatware and other sterling pieces........... I answer value questions at I also author a blog at and write articles about silver at ........... Thanks to nominations from questioners, I'm listed in the Top 50 Experts for 2014 and 2015.......... NOTE: Please do not give me a verbal description of a pattern and ask me to identify it. Attach a picture if you need such help..........

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2017-02-08 Flatware pieces & value:

Hello.    The first step is to identify the manufacturer. Let's hope there are words or symbols on the back that identify the manufacturer. Here is a very helpful site: . You'll

2017-01-24 antique silverware found:

Hello.    Normally, I have good luck identifying patterns here: . I also have reference books that help. However, I have been unable to identify

2017-01-12 value:

Hello.    This could be a teapot but more likely it's a coffee pot. I can't tell how tall it is; that could make a difference. It's made of silver plate. Around 1900, it was common for hotels to have pieces

2017-01-12 value:

Hello.    The mark on the knife blade does resemble the mark used by the Meriden Cutlery Co.. It's possible they were made in the first half of the 19th century but it's hard to say with certainty because

2017-01-07 value:

Hello.    This set is made of silver plate. Unfortunately, most silver plate flatware does not hold its value very well and "Empire" is no exception. You could expect to receive about one dollar per piece

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