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Jim Stringer

I answer questions about sterling flatware and other sterling pieces........... I answer value questions at I also author a blog at and write articles about silver at ........... Thanks to nominations from questioners, I'm listed in the Top 50 Experts for 2014 and 2015.......... NOTE: Please do not give me a verbal description of a pattern and ask me to identify it. Attach a picture if you need such help..........

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2016-10-25 Silverware:

Hello.    "Community" was a brand used by Oneida for both silver plate and stainless steel patterns. You might be able to identify your pattern here:

2016-10-22 Oneida Ashley Vernon par plate spoon:

Hello.    In this pattern, as with most patterns, the bouillon spoon is the shortest of the three you mentioned; it measures just under five inches. The cream soup spoon measures a bit under six inches

2016-10-13 Flatware:

Hi.    Look at the "Violet" pattern on this page:     That's the closet pattern I've found. You may also find this pattern listed under Oneida

2016-10-11 King Edwards silverware set:

Hello.    More often than not, the chest is not the same as the brand of the flatware. I need to see a picture of what's on the back of a fork or spoon as well as a picture of the front of a fork or spoon

2016-10-10 Flatware:

Hello.    I am not familiar with "R. B. Rogers". Could it be "F. B. Rogers"? Since the word, "Sterling", does not appear on the backs of pieces like forks and spoons, this set is most likely made of silver

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