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Jim Stringer

I answer questions about sterling flatware and other sterling pieces........... I answer value questions at I also author a blog at and write articles about silver at ........... Thanks to nominations from questioners, I'm listed in the Top 50 Experts for 2014 and 2015.......... NOTE: Please do not give me a verbal description of a pattern and ask me to identify it. Attach a picture if you need such help..........

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2016-12-05 sterling flatware set:

Hello.    Oneida acquired Heirloom through a series of acquisitions. So, you may find the Mansion House pattern under Oneida at various web sites. Here is a link to help you calculate possible value like

2016-12-05 sterling flatware sets:

Hello.    This looks like the "Lady Diana" pattern from Towle. I cannot quite make out the pattern of the little spoons. They might be Gorham "Chantilly" which was patented in 1895.    I cannot tell how

2016-12-03 Reed & Barton medallion Silver Plated.:

Hello.    I would clean it with a mild silver polish.    This Roman Medallion pattern was introduced in 1868, I believe. Based on recent sales, I estimate that an individual selling this pattern could

2016-12-03 h & s medallion:

Hello.    This appears to be the Medallion pattern introduced in 1867. Replacements Ltd is currently offering a fork like this for $90.00 each. This tells me that they are not very rare or the demand is

2016-11-22 Wm Rogers:

Hello.    The "IS" on the back represents International Silver Company which took over this Rogers brand in 1898. They continued to use the brand for many years and in 1927, they introduced the "Victory"

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