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Jim Graham

Skydiving/Parachuting: First jump and jump training, equipment, drop zone operations, employment opportunities, lifestyle, general aviation...

Chris Jardan

I am an expert in all things skydiving, gear, and canopy flight related. I can also offer advice on fear of heights or anxiety. I differ from most in that I can get into detail of the physics behind it all, effects on the body/mind, etc. I am also an expert related to gear, packing, and rigging. Expert in student training, tandem jumping, and high performance canopy flight-swooping.

Mike Turoff

expert/master parachutist and an Instructor Examiner in the sport of Skydiving. Mike is a licensed (jump) pilot and parachute rigger, who is an analytical chemist in the "regular working world." As a dedicated instructor, Mike has made over 3,400 jumps since 1977. Mike has contributed to many of the training materials and exams used by USPA and the sport. He has authored numerous articles dealing with safety and training practices that have appeared in both Parachutist and Skydiving magazines. Mike participates as an evaluator at AFF Training Camps and Certification Courses and is a rated to perform Tandem instruction using both the Relative Workshop and Strong Enterprises gear. Mike is co-author of "Parachuting, The Skydiver`s Handbook and the CD-ROM text for "Skydiving, A Multimedia Reference."

Alex Busby

Been jumping for 20 years, 3000 jumps, more than 40 hours in freefall. Instructor in Static Line Parachuting,Tandem Instructor, BPA Advanced Instructor and Instructor Examiner, Formation Skydiving Coach

Dan Poynter

Parachute equipment; design and function.

Norge Roi

Large formations and world records.

Skydiving (w/ Parachutes)

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