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Eric A. Jones

Lawnmower Repair . Certified Master Service Technician from B&S. Have 23 years experience on B&S, Lawn Chief, Weed Eater, Echo, Peerless, Wheel Horse, Snapper, Atlas, MTD, McCulloch, Homelite and many other numerous brands. Specialize in electrical repair.

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2017-03-19 Feeding a lawnmower engine:

There are different blends in the summer versus winter.  In the winter they cut gasoline with butane because the colder temperatures...butane is leftover, junk basically, but the oil producers make more

2017-03-13 Cub Cadet SRC 621:

To find mower parts Google the model number.  It should be 12A-997A100.  Are you using SAE-30 oil?  Have you checked the engine vacuum?  Checked the engine compression?  Performed a leakdown test to check

2017-03-11 troy bilt 5550 watt gen [2004]:

I suspect something is clogged in the carburetor like you stated.    There are very few adjustments on late model carburetors as they are precisely tuned to meet emissions. The downside to the precise

2017-03-07 Briggs and Stratton Automatic choke:

Based on the engine model number you should have an Ready Start which is sort of like an automatic choke.    The condition your described, won't start when the engine is warm, is very common...we see this

2017-02-20 toro 20017 mower:

Here is a link to the service manual:    See

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