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Eric A. Jones

Lawnmower Repair . Certified Master Service Technician from B&S. Have 23 years experience on B&S, Lawn Chief, Weed Eater, Echo, Peerless, Wheel Horse, Snapper, Atlas, MTD, McCulloch, Homelite and many other numerous brands. Specialize in electrical repair.

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2016-10-20 compression question:

Manual states both valves are set to .004-.006 of and inch.    All the compression gauges I have used all hold the compression measurement until you press a valve to release it.  This makes since as often

2016-10-19 2013 Craftsman Riding Mower:

Does your solenoid have 2 large and 2 small wires?    If you have 2 small wires, is 1 wire white and 1 wire black?    If so, the black wire should be ground all the time.    The white wire needs to receive

2016-10-14 Snapper running weird:

Thanks for letting me know the carbs will swap...with a governor rod.    As for the LMT, they have never been my favorite carb.  I prefer the flo-jets.  I'd ditch the LMT.    As for getting a used flo-jet

2016-10-12 Snapper running weird:

Does the governor are move when you turn the blades on?  Can you control the engine speed, by hand, and rev the engine to keep it running when you turn the blades on?    There are a couple of circuits

2016-10-11 john deere mower:

Most of the newer hydrostatic transmissions "freewheel" when running downhill as this puts less back pressure stress on the pump and drive train.  Based on this design there must be an a brake built in

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