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Wayne Kiefer

Any concerning the repair of small electric household appliances (coffee makers, waffle makers,etc.) shavers, antique clocks, air compressors, lamps, generators.

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2017-01-18 Oster(izer) blender thermal fusible link:

First of all I would not replace the damaged part because there must have been a reason why the fuse blew and damaged the surrounding area.  We have found that in the past with blenders the main reason

2017-01-13 George Foreman gv5 contact roaster:

It looks like this unit is fairly new so it should have a fuse in it.  All of the George Foreman line of appliances are made in China so there are no parts available.  We do have some generic fuses and

2016-12-07 Power Connector Cord:

I think Salton appliances are made in Canada or the UK and everything is metric and as you found out different than the US type cords.  If you could send me a picture of the plug on your tray I will see

2016-12-05 Sunbeam Vista Toaster Model VAT-H:

All of the self-lowering models were made in the USA.  Most of the other bimetal units were also made here until about the mid 1980's.  That is when they started to shift some manufacturing to China. Sunbeam

2016-12-01 Vintage GE Toaster T34A:

I have not seen one of these in many years so the picture is a good idea.  There is usually an adjustment screw on the inside of the toaster that is located close to the bimetal strip.  Send me a picture

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