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Wayne Kiefer

Any concerning the repair of small electric household appliances (coffee makers, waffle makers,etc.) shavers, antique clocks, air compressors, lamps, generators.

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2017-02-24 Microwave:

First of all unplug the unit for at least two days.  This will give the capacitor a chance to discharge so you will not be shocked.  I am guessing that the bugs are in the read out screen on the unit.

2017-02-01 Dormeyer food foxer model 4200:

It is wired into the unit and the mixer has to be taken apart to get at the connections.  We have done many of these units and they are not easy to do.  We always replace the old cord with a three prong

2017-01-19 Oster(izer) blender thermal fusible link:

Most of the old Oster blenders had a straight amp fuse and when there was a short in one of the coils it would blow.  If you want to check out the field coil you can use a ohm meter and see if the coil

2017-01-18 Oster(izer) blender thermal fusible link:

First of all I would not replace the damaged part because there must have been a reason why the fuse blew and damaged the surrounding area.  We have found that in the past with blenders the main reason

2017-01-13 George Foreman gv5 contact roaster:

It looks like this unit is fairly new so it should have a fuse in it.  All of the George Foreman line of appliances are made in China so there are no parts available.  We do have some generic fuses and

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