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Wayne Kiefer

Any concerning the repair of small electric household appliances (coffee makers, waffle makers,etc.) shavers, antique clocks, air compressors, lamps, generators.

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2016-12-01 Vintage GE Toaster T34A:

I have not seen one of these in many years so the picture is a good idea.  There is usually an adjustment screw on the inside of the toaster that is located close to the bimetal strip.  Send me a picture

2016-11-21 Cuisinart Extreme Brew coffee maker issue:

Cuisinart never used to make their own coffee makers.  They may now but I dought it.  They are probably still made in China just like everything else.      I would agree with you if it works on manual

2016-11-07 Oster Toaster Oven Door Handle:

I checked the Oster web site and the door is not available.  Only the pans and knobs.  I think I would try to reattach the handle if you can.  If you can find a high temp adhesive  that will work on glass

2016-11-03 water softner question:

This is a little out of my line as we only repair small appliances but I am a homeowner and have installed a lot of major appliances in my home.    Most new water softeners have sensors that sense the

2016-10-27 air fryer:

I think that your best bet would be to find a chat room on Yahoo that deals with appliances and see if anyone there has one and what to look for when buying one.  We have not had any experience servicing

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