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I can answer any questions about selecting a new snake. Most questions about how to care for a particular snake, including diet and habitat. I can answer questions concerning breeding of most of the commmonly available snakes in US. And I can tackle genetics questions as well.

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2016-10-31 Aggressive Ball Python:

Start him on an adult mouse sized rat and see how he takes it.  If that goes well, start bumping up the size until you are feeding him rats as big around as he is at mid body.  I feed my balls (or at least

2016-10-31 Aggressive Ball Python:

Best guess would be some sort of breeding cycle has triggered a hormonal release which is affecting "his" mood.  Another thing could be hunger.  You said 5 years old and eating mice.  Most ball pythons

2016-10-19 Digestive system:

Hmmm, I have never watched a venomous snake take passive food.  I have seen my nonvenomous collection take dead prey and many of them DO still constrict it, so I would guess that in some cases venomous

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