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I can answer any questions about selecting a new snake. Most questions about how to care for a particular snake, including diet and habitat. I can answer questions concerning breeding of most of the commmonly available snakes in US. And I can tackle genetics questions as well.

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2016-10-19 Digestive system:

Hmmm, I have never watched a venomous snake take passive food.  I have seen my nonvenomous collection take dead prey and many of them DO still constrict it, so I would guess that in some cases venomous

2016-10-18 snake not eating?:

It is possible the mice are spoiled (freezer burn).  Can the snakes tell-probably as they mostly hunt by smell.  Easiest way to test-get some new mice.  Mouth and respiratory problems are some of the most

2016-09-05 what type of snake is this:

That is a hognose snake.  Probably an eastern.  Awesome little snakes!  So glad you didn't kill him.  There was a subspecies, the "southern hognose," which has all but disappeared in the wild.  They do

2016-08-24 Desert Night Snake Habitat:

I always recommend separate caging for each animal.  Snakes are solitary species only coming together to mate.  However, if they are the same species AND roughly the same size you could try it.  Make SURE

2016-08-10 Tank Cleaning:

Nick, simple glass cleaner will work just make sure to get it all wiped out.  I use something called Quatricide that I get from a local janitorial store that supposedly has extra germ killers in it (who

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