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Andy Black

I'm happy to answer questions relating to playing in, managing and running a football (soccer) club. I am up to date with laws of the game (adult 11-a-side) and pay attention to the news in major european leagues. I may not be able to answer questions relating to junior football laws and do not have contacts at professional clubs.

Mark Smith

I have a fairly extensive knowledge of English Football. I attended my first game in 1967 and have been to hundreds since. My particular areas of interest are the history of the game, statistics, records, trivia and stadium information.

John Cummings

Do you have a call made by the referee in last week`s match puzzling you? Are you a referee who may not be certain that what was done was the right thing to do? I shall be glad to entertain any questions about officiating soccer. The more the players, coaches and supporters understand the referee and his/her decisions, the more fun we can have on the pitch.

Soccer (American), Football (European)

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