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dr. Cristina Carpinelli

Cristina Carpinelli is a sociologist/politologist. She deals with research works, from economic and social point of view, concerning Central-Est Europe (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland), South-Est Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, balkan Countries), Russia and all Former Soviet Union Countries. She has also become an expert on social welfare and gender and family politics in Countries mentioned above. She can't answer the questions relative to other geo-economic and political areas or about other questions outside her competence/knowledge. She lives and works in Milan (Italy).

Steven Valdivia

Origins of gangs; causes of gangs; how a community evolves to violence and/or peace; new and workable solutions to gangs, riots and forms of community violence; psycho-social aspects of gang activity. Connection of gangs to riots and other community violence

Marc Aperio

On Vacation
returns 04/10/2017
I'll be glad to answer any question about sociological theory, sociologists, and social institutions.

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2017-02-11 What would a person from the moon be called?:

Hi Ayla,    I'll be glad to help with your questions. People from earth are called Earthlings so I think inhabitants of the moon are properly called Moonlings. A term has never actually been developed

2017-02-07 Query re dealing with bullying gangs:

Question seems to mix "gangs" with "social groups" that engage in negative peer behaviors.    Gangs usually have a well defined enemy group: i.e. another of the same ethnic / racial makeup in a cyclic

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