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Tom Mielke

Rule and scoring questions for girls/womens Fastpitch Softball. Primarily High School (NFHS) and ASA

Dr. Mark R. Ambrose

I can answer all questions about book rules and "case book" rules governing the playing of ASA softball. Have a REAL situation that happened and are not sure the proper rule was applied, ask me.

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2017-03-28 infield fly rule:

Hi PJ    Unusual but it happens every now and then.  Yes absolutely the right call, good umpiring, foul ball.  It was only an IF if it was a fair ball but it wasn't.  Just the same as if it were near a

2017-01-28 Determining home field advantage in a single elimination format:

Bob,     This isn't a topic covered in the rule books!  Typically, the single elim. tournaments I have seen, the highest seed is home team.  The reward for winning early and often!    There is no way to

2017-01-13 Coach leaving box - ASA senior slow pitch:

Hi John    So sorry about being being late, I just had open heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic and should have put I was was unavailable.      This happens usually w F5 and not the coach.  If I have to

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