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Rhonda Lindsey

Southern Breads, casseroles, pot luck suppers, barbeques, sunday-go-to-meeting dishes, oddities such as fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, collard greens, and wild game, preparing and preserving fruits, meats and vegetables. Sweet stuff like pecan pie, apple stack cake and fritters. If you want to cook it, I probly have, plan to, or will research how to do it. I have never cooked possum nor do I plan to, but if that is your quest, I can get ya the recipe. By the way, grits are wonderful.

Jennifer Brizzi

I can answer questions on southern ingredients and cooking, foodways and food lore about the food of the American South. I can't answer questions about any fancy restaurants in the South but have enjoyed many rustic, basic, and delicious meals at mom 'n pop places.

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