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Buck Moore

I can answer questions about delivering speeches and presentations, using audiovisual technology and how to communicate effectively.

Joel Hochberger

I can answer questions about organizing and delivering effective presentations or speeches. It doesn`t matter if you`re trying to persuade your boss to begin a new project, or trying to persuade a friend to join you on a trip to Las Vegas. In either case, you`ll need to be clear, concise, interesting, and persuasive.

Jimmie Brewer

I can address questions relating to the principles involved in speech construction and delivery.

Aileen Pincus

I`d be pleased to help with any issues you might be facing related to public speaking, covering either content or delivery. We work with executives in a wide variety of fields to build confident communicators before diverse audiences.

Doug Staneart

Doug Staneart has over ten years experience in and can answer questions dealing with overcoming nervousness or anxiety associated with public speaking, how to become a more polished and confident speaker, how to write and organize a speech, or how to deliver effective sales presentations.

Mike Pugh

I can help with creative ideas for speeches directed towards self-improvement and sales training. I will help you catch a group`s attention with humor, stories, and contests. I cannot answer direct questions on writing the perfect speech, but I can help with basic organization.

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