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Dr. Bob Weil

Diagnosis & treatment & PREVENTION of foot & foot related lower extremity sports related problems. Indications & uses of prescription in shoe orthotics. Foot, ankle functional exercises for injury prevention & enhanced performance. Specific specialty in orthotic use in figure skating & hockey. Access to all topics re sports medicine at radio shows & articles re "the physical & mental challenges of the high performance youth athlete.

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2016-09-07 Ankle issue:

Hi Alex- when you experience the pop sensation, & hear it, it's quite possible that you injured, possibly partially tore some ligaments in the ankle . An MRI would show that. Ins might allow the test since

2016-07-30 exhale i sometimes pulse pain down both forearms:

Hi J- although probably nothing but over training, please check with your Dr. Radiating pain down your arms with deep breathing could possibly be related to cardio or heart concerns so get evaluated to

2016-07-14 hard pad on bottom of toe:

Hi jj- sounds like you've got a ridge callous on the tip of your toe, often associated with  the toe somewhat curly shaped & pinching that skin during walking to  form hard callous. These are quite common

2016-07-13 Knee surgery?:

H Beatriz- These " wear & tear" problems & their treatments are very subjective. Your age, activity levels are all important factors. My suggestion is to be sure to get a 2nd opinion which would include

2016-06-29 bicep femoris tear:

Hi Andey- It would be unusual to tear something just walking but your situation is very suspicious. It sounds like you really need a diagnosis of what you injured. Sounds like you've torn something, question

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