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Tim O'Brien

I can answer questions regarding springboard and platform diving as it relates to: Training from beginning lessons to Olympic level athletes Teaching, developing and organizing a diving program at any level Dry-land training techniques and equipment Overcoming fear Exercise and strength training Preparation for competition Meet Management United States Diving Parents of athletic children Judging Color Commentary Expert Witness testimony I can be reached at

Tom Trapp

I can answer any questions pertaining to all levels of springboard and platform diving including : beginner lessons, intermediate, advanced, high school, Junior Olympic, AAU, Masters (Adult), Collegiate and Senior diving. Questions about training, technique, competitions, dryland training including trampoline and dry board.I can answer questions about how to judge/referee diving events.Also questions about how run, direct and administrate all different types of diving meets from novice events through Olympic Trials.I am also available as a consultant and expert witness for legal cases involving diving. I cannot answer questions about swimming (how to dive off a starting block) or SCUBA diving.

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2017-02-13 Beginner diving lessons:

Kay - You can find out if there is diving in your area by using the following websites: - this site has the largest data base of diving teams

2016-12-16 Springboard Diving 1 M distance problem:

Bailey - It is hard to coach diving over the internet so I will do my best. All divers go through this problem at some point in their career. Here are a few suggestions.     On the two dives you mention

2016-11-29 Gymnastics to diving part II platform training:

The area that you live (the greater northeast) is not know for having very many platforms so the Boston area is going to be the closest I believe. I would suggest going to, click on Find

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