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Maxime Herold

Specializing in Rare Stamps of Canada and its' Provinces; from classics and proofs to modern errors and varieties.

Scott Payton

My focus is US only, but all aspects (does include Administrative overprints for Cuba, China, Puerto Rico etc.). Also, Hawaii general issue and Revenue (pre-statehood). Of course still building knowledge but have been collecting since 1980. Air Mail is a favorite area, but not a limitation. Two specialty areas are Large Banknote issues, and Washington/Franklin identification. Strong experience in Carrier & Locals, Private Die (Also known as M&M for "Match & Medicine" but also includes some playing card and perfume stamp issues.) Recently have been building more back-of-book experience, especially around Official, Newspaper, Revenue and tax editions. Some covers, and cancellations, but not my strong suit. Another area I'm recently diving into. What I can't do: Anything non-US, as it's just not an area I focus on.

Peter Lang

I can answer questions about `music on stamps` which covers composers, instruments and singers as well as musical notes, dance, opera and all other music related topics shown on stamps, postmarks and postal stationaries.


I have been involved in philately for most of my 20 years. I specialize in India's Issues and Postmarks and I have numerous reference sources to research if I do not know the answer. I am organized and promise swift courteous answers. I also have my own philatelic blog which updates you regarding India's postal issues and useful information:

Mike Stern

My specialty is United States Errors, but I can answer most questions on United States stamps (except covers). I have been collecting U.S. stamps for about 35 years, and U.S. Errors for approximately 25 years. I have been selling both online for about 4 years. I am also a member of the APS (American Philatelic Society)

Michele Chapman

I specialize only in Cyprus stamps (Republic) and North Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) stamps and First Day Covers. Please note: I can only answer questions on stamps from the country of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. All Cyprus stamps will have: ΚΥΠΡΟΣ, KIBRIS or CYPRUS printed on them! I can answer most questions related to stamps and values. I can provide opinions on values as a collector of Cyprus stamps but not as a professional. I have no knowledge of stamps from USA or other countries. For these stamps please direct your questions to another Specialist.

Terry Tipton

I have been involved in philately for most of my 56 years. I specialize in United States Issues and Postmarks. I have numerous reference sources to research if I do not know the answer. I am organized and promise swift courteous answers. I am a member of the American Philatelic Society. I also have my own philatelic mail order business.

Charles Bromser

I can answer questions about Astrophilately i.e. all space related philately.

William R. Weiss, Jr.

United States - Virtually any kind of stamp, cover, essay, proof, cancel, covers, etc.

Fabrizio Delmastro

I can answer queries related to Postal History of Kingdom of Sardinia until 1850 ( prephilatelic era) and French occupation of Italy (depart. Conquis).

Mark Leon

I am a collector of United States postage stamps, and also a stamp dealer. I`m a member of the American Philatelic Society (APS). My principle area of interest and expertise is in United States Stamps.

Prashant H. Pandya

I can answer queries related to Modern Postal History of India, Indian Postal Stationery, Baroda and Rajpipla State Postal History and fiscals. Please no questions about valuation of stamps or any philatelic material.


Modern Indian philately and some earswhile States. I know, I don't know all but can get satisfactory answers to any field of Indian philately

Bill Lehr

Almost any question relating to US postal stationery

Recent Answers

2014-07-28 gold stamp:

Hi Laura,     When you say "1917 Gold Stamp" do you mean the stamp is a replica of a stamp from 1917 made out of gold leaf, and if so, when was that made (if you are aware).     There are no "gold stamps"

2014-07-27 Price:

Dear Marge,    In order to sell such a stamp it would have to be submitted for certification to the Vincent Graves Greene Foundation.  Forms and other info available through their website: http://www.greenefoundation

2014-07-22 stamp collection:

Hi Patti,    Thanks for your question.    First, my condolences on the loss of your father-in-law.  I lost my dad in 2002 and still miss him every day.    Okay--onto the stamps.   First, take a deep breath

2014-07-22 Value of stamps:

Hi Roxanne,     Let's take the Gutenberg issue first.  It is a Scott #1014.  As a first day cover, it has a value of $1.50.    The Franklin is a little trickier.  It is most likely a #552, and on postcard

2014-07-15 Dept of State stamps:

Bull,    Sure.  The actual high denomination Department of State officials (as opposed to proofs) were not issued imperforate.  The lack of perforations was the immediate giveaway that they were proofs

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