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Matt Peterson

In addition to being a long-time fan of the show, I served for five years as a trivia coordinator for America Online`s Star Trek Fan Club, where I wrote and hosted live chat room trivia games.

John Zalewski

I can answer questions about the Enterprise, her crew, and the alien races which frequented the show. I've watched every episode, some several times, so I can answer many questions about plot, characters, or other things you'd like to throw at me! I can't answer questions about the other 4 Star Trek series. I can try, but my knowledge of those series is not as great as my TNG expertise. I also cannot answer questions about the 'behind the scenes' of the show: the show's production, the actors/actresses, etc. I know the names of the actors but that's about it!

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2016-10-22 TNG:

Hello, James.    Feel free to ask whatever you wish about any Star Trek series. I may not be able to answer certain questions, of course.    To be honest, I never got into Enterprise. I never watched it

2016-10-20 TNG:

Hello, James.     It can't be known for certain, since Q's perfectly capable of keeping a straight face! But seriously, although the inhabitants of Brax apparently called Q a "god of lies," I don't know

2016-09-19 Was each episode shown twice?:

Hi! Thanks for the question! "Next Generation" will always be my favorite Star Trek series because I basically grew up with it as well.    It is actually a little hard to say. Since TNG was syndicated

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