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The Doctor

I am a walking Stargate encyclopedia. I can answer just about any Stargate related question, and if I can't then I'll either find an answer or provide information on where or how to get an answer (if there is an answer at all).

H Louise

I can answer all questions regarding Stargate SG1, the original movie, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. I try to be fully up-to-date and have all the released DVDs so far. I can answer questions on the characters, the actors that play them, behind the scenes information, technology, mythology and questions involving quotes and the episodes, including future storylines and news etc. Any question I don`t know the answer to I will happily research until I find it.

Brian Webber

I can answer a lot of questions about this episode, even a rough estiamte of how much energy a Zat blast gives off. :-)

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