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I can answer questions that have to deal with parenting with a disability. I can answer anything to do with being a homemaker while being a mother who has a neuromuscular disease.I can also answer questions that deal with postpartum depression and how to deal with it and continue to keep the household running smoothly.


I am able to answer questions reguarding raising younger children when it comes to everyday life and development. I wouldnt be able to answer medical questions, but i am able to notice risk factors concerning development. I have also been a military spouse and been through deployments and can help to understand options for that type of stressful life. I am a stay at home mother of 2 daughters, at the ages of 4 and 1 1/2 so i have experienced alot of difficulties. I do understand that there are different things that work for different children and have many different answers and options to try in different situations that i have learned through getting my early childhood degree or just through talking to other parents.

Debbie Preece

I can answer questions regarding christian faith-based discipline,consistency in discipline and frustrations of motherhood. I can address adaptations of the token economy to get positive, first-time response from children 4-15, as well as self improvement, setting and achieving goals and issues of P.M.S. and P.M.D.D in young girls beginning their trek into womanhood. I can address how to teach accountability to family and self with cleaning charts, and behavior issues for children 9-18. I can't answer medical questions.


I am a stay-at-home mom of two great kids under the age of four. But even good healthy kids can be a challenge at times. I can answer questions about crying, sleeplessness, general insecurity (on the part of both mom and kids!), potty training, co-sleeping, weaning and more. I am a member of La Leche League so I have access to plenty of information on breastfeeding and related problems. In more recent months we`ve had experience dealing with discipline and socialization skills as well. We all have rough patches with our kids, and days when we just think we`re too tired to cope--but sometimes just talking to someone else who`s been there can be enough to get us through. I`ve had plenty of good support, and now I`d like to pass some of that along.

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