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Relationship Counsellor

I am quite experienced and matured enough to handle questions related to following topics: 1) Love- Friendship 2) Issues in all kinds of relationships. 3) making a relationship work. 4) Effective tips to sustain a relationship. 5) Sex related queries. Well as of now haven't come across any such questions, which would offend me or I lack expertise in, but am a straight forward person and doesn't hold my wordings back. I don't mind being honest in case I lack knowledge about particular aspect and quite flexible to accept genuine views of others or seek other professionals for my case studies, to help the clients out.

clement sadjere

questions on courtship,divorce,infidelity,sex in marriage,abuse in marriage,re-kindling love in marriage,ways to ignite passion in marriage,bringing up kids in marriage,choices of marriage partner,how to tell whether your partner loves you,what women hates in men,what men hate in women,how to overcome problems in marriage,handling disputes in marriage

Kindred Beisinger penname K D Elizabeth Beisinger

I am able to answer questions regarding dating, courtship, and marriage after divorce. I feel equipped to address questions and comments regarding old baggage and past mistakes. I can also answer questions pertaining to blended families and step-children. I can not answer questions that involve manipulating the partners behavior or outlook.

Sharon Crandall

(I have expertise in both, "How to choose a compatible mate"--or--"how to bridge personality differences") Relationship challenges: communication, power struggles, controlling issues, partner being late, affection and closeness, little irritations, pouting, mood swings, criticalness, perfectionism, opposite environmental needs, companionship challenges,stubbornness,dealing with a skeptical partner, too thrifty, too generous, helps everybody but you, and when boredom sets in.

Stuart A. Kaplowitz, MFT

how to help relationship. How to address issues within relationship......I am pretty open here

Leon Scott Baxter: "America's Relationship Guru"

I can answer questions about keeping love in committed relationships alive and fresh. I can help couples overcome obstacles that they might encounter in their relationships and help get them back on the path to a strong, healthy, and committed partnership. I am not the guy to go to if you want to know how to meet someone. (I've never been good at opening lines.) I am dedicated to keeping the romance fires burning even after the embers of a new relationship turn cold. Let me help you find ways to be excited about each other and your relationship again.

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2017-01-10 Should I attempt to reconcile with my ex wife:

Dear Andy,    I have given your question some serious thought and here is my perspective.  First, since you've only been divorced about a month, it's too soon to discuss reconciliation, as that will only

2016-11-20 body language:

Hello again, Mark,    I'm sorry that this is what is going on in your relationship. It's frustrating and erodes confidence. You can't (shouldn't) continue like this. But, before you call it quits, I think

2016-11-13 body language:

Hello Mark,    It sounds to me that your wife does truly love you, but the spark in your relationship (in he eyes) is dwindling, and the relationship has lost its zing. Then, you are trying so hard to

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